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Instructions for post cataract care (every doctor is a little different)

A)Day 1 to day 3. Keep clean. Avoid activities which can expose your eye  to contaminated water eg swimming, washing car.  Can do normal daily activities. No sports. Sunglasses optional.

B)Please use the 2 bottles of eyedrops I prescribed to you after surgery. Four times a day until your next follow up. Usually use the drops after waking up, before lunch, before dinner and before bedtime. Use one bottle first, after successful application wait 10 minutes before using the second bottle.

C)Wash your hands before applying eyedrops.

D)Avoid rubbing your eyes.

E)Apply the clear protective plastic shield before going to sleep for 3 days. 

Instructions for post retina surgery (every doctor is a bit different)

A)Day 1.  I will need you to position your head in a specific manner eg face up, face down, left cheek to pillow or right cheek to pillow.

B)Day 2. Depending on the follow up findings, I will tell you how to alter the head posturing.

C)First 3 days avoid rubbing eye, coughing or sneezing  violently or putting too much pressure on the eye.

D)Your vision will not start improving until the gas bubble in the eye becomes smaller. Can be as long as 4 weeks or as short as 5 days. This depends on the type of surgery and the type of gas we put in the eye.

E)Follow point A,B,C ,D,E for post cataract care

Instructions for post eyelid stye surgery

A)Apply ointment into the eye once a day for 7 days 

B)Avoid rubbing eye for 1 week especially during shower or sleep

C)Bruising or swelling should be gone by day 3

D)The wound behind the eyelid should heal in 1 to 2 weeks

E)If the eyelid has mild bleeding due to accidental rubbing, place a small soft towel over the eye and apply gentle compression for 10 minutes. The bleeding will stop.

Instructions for post eye injections (intravitreal injections)

A)Same as post cataract surgery point A

B)Only 1 bottle of eye drop is needed. Use four times a day for three days only